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  • 8 inch sushibakes in one flavour
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Raisugood X Emma's Halal Kitchen

8inch Square Size Sushibakes (Share Square)

8 inch sized sushibakes! Best for 3-4 pax! Comes with 2 packets seaweed. FULL 1 flavour per square.

Best for 1 pax! Comes with 1 packet seaweed.

Salmon Mentaiko: Crowd's favourite! The rich flavour of Japanese Mayonnaise complements the salmon and Mentaiko and Ebiko, baked and torched to give the extra smoky flavour.

Tuna Mayo/Mentaiko: Classic and one of the favourites - Tuna Mayo, Japanese Cucumber, Carrots, Furikake. Contains dairy. Topped with Mayonnaise or Mentaiko and Hot Sauce (for spicy only) 

Teriyaki Chicken: Try our Teriyaki Chicken with our homemade Teriyaki Sauce - Japanese Cucumber, Carrots, Furikake. Contains dairy. Topped with Mayonnaise and Hot Sauce (for spicy only).

Baked Prawns / Prawn Mentaiko: Prawns, Japanese Cucumber, Carrots, Furikake. Contains dairy. Topped with Mayonnaise or Mentaiko Sauce and Hot Sauce (for spicy only).

Kani Egg Mayo (Great for kids!): Classic sushi flavour - Eggs, Kani, Mayonnaise, Furikake. Japanese Cucumber, Carrots, Furikake(Please alert us if you'd like to make it vegetarian-friendly)

Kani Mentai Truffle: Specially for Truffle lovers! Our current favourite - a mix of Kani (crabsticks) in mentai+truffle combo *chef kiss*

Unagi Kabayaki: Unagi lovers, rejoice! Topped with lots of Kabayaki sauce, with bits of Japanese cucumber for the crunch. Finishing touches with lots of Bonito flakes and seaweed strips.

SpicyScallopVolcano: Scallops and chunks of kani in our homemade spicy volcano sauce! 

Spicy Gyu-Nami (Beef): Our best secret recipe. Marinated Beef slices with our signature spicy Volcano sauce - a pairing made in Raisu heaven!

Gyu-so Cheezy (Beef):  Perfectly torched cheese atop our marinated beef slices. Like cheeseburger in your mouth - only better!

Gyu-Mentai (Beef): Beef and Mentaiko sauce are a perfect pair!

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